Celebrate all the Moms this weekend!

Carol Huston  |  May 12, 2023

Celebrate all the Moms this weekend!

Los Angeles has so many unconventional things that you could do with your Mom to celebrate her this year! So many cool things that you probably couldn’t find all of them in any other city!

Rather than just sending her flowers or giving her a card (which are both completely acceptable!💐), here are some other things you can do WITH your mom or FOR your mom that she would probably appreciate for Mother’s Day (or any day!) ❤️

Fun Activities to do WITH Mom:
(Friendly advice: Don’t just spring these on her! Make sure she is game!)

Sky diving - https://www.skydivetaft.com/ 
Deep sea fishing or whale watching - https://daveyslocker.com/deep-sea-fishing/los-angeles/ 
Spear fishing 🎣 - https://www.spearfishinglosangeles.com/ 
Hiking 🥾 - https://www.alltrails.com/us/california/los-angeles 
Rock climbing 🧗‍♀️ - https://www.boulderdashclimbing.com/ 
Knitting - https://theknittingtreela.com/collections/classes 
Painting - https://www.theartsybackyard.com/ 
Visit to the Getty - https://www.getty.edu/ 
Car racing - https://youracela.com/ 
Pottery - https://www.gooddirtla.com/ 
Wine tasting - https://thelagirl.com/wine-tasting-los-angeles/ 
Korean spa - https://www.travelmag.com/articles/korean-spas-los-angeles/ 
Furniture making - https://alliedwoodshop.com/ 
Axe throwing - https://www.axeventures-axethrowing.com/locations/axe-throwing-los-angeles/ 
Sword fighting - https://www.splafencing.com/ 
Pilates -  https://www.mindbodyonline.com/explore/fitness/pilates-classes-los-angeles-ca-us 


Services to do FOR Mom:

1. help her clean out her closet and take the bags to Goodwill or Out of the Closet
2. Install the ring camera she wants
3. Change the lightbulbs in the ceiling of her house (bring your ladder)
4. Also change the batteries in all the smoke detectors 
5. take her to her favorite Nursery and pick out the tomato plants she wants
6. carry them all to the yard
7. mulch her garden
8. Hang her newest artwork and paintings 
9. Go Grocery shopping for her OR send her an Instacart order 
10. make her dinner and wash the dishes!
11. If you spend the night- strip the bed and wash the sheets but don’t do your own laundry!!

Whatever you choose to do for your Mom- make sure you give her lots of love and hugs- and be grateful!
Remember that some people in your very circle no longer have their moms on the planet. This is a hard day for them. Maybe invite them to come with you when you take your mom skydiving!
And give your Mom and your friend a Hug! We all celebrate our Mamas together!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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