Happy Fall from True Story Realty!

Carol Huston  |  October 15, 2022

Happy Fall from True Story Realty!
True Story!
The end of August, September and October are my family’s Birthday months. My hubby’s is end of August. In September we celebrate my grandson, my granddaughter, my niece, and my sister. In October we celebrate my daughter, my team partner: Savannah, our friend: William, and the great James Edward Huston, my dad, if he was still alive! Lots of Virgos and Libras! Whew! We finished last week and are now ready for Halloween.
Maybe some of you don’t have that kind of line up of parties, present buying, and cake-eating all at once, but maybe you have been so busy with work and family and stuff that you haven’t had a moment to take a breath! Now, suddenly Halloween is upon us… then Thanksgiving… then Hannukah… then Christmas! Oy! It’s a lot of life we live and celebrate.
When I was growing up, my parents were not big birthday people. Many times, they forgot my birthday! My Aunt Ruth Ann finally started calling my mom to remind her of my birthday!
That may be why I really want to celebrate everyone’s birthday and give them a party each year to let them know how loved they are. I hope you always have someone in your life that remembers your birthday to know you are seen and loved!
If you felt like you missed the boat not buying a house in the past 2 years, don’t worry, you are not alone. We have a lot of people that were up against 30 other buyers all willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars over the asking price to get their dream house. If you didn’t jump into one – it just may have not been the right time for you to buy. After over 2 decades of experience in helping buyers, I can look back at every scenario and have the confidence to recognize that when the timing is right and it’s meant to be your dream home, it just happens.
As we enter the 4th quarter of 2022, we are seeing interest rates pop up quite a bit and lenders coming up with great solutions to creatively get people into loans that won’t bite them so hard at the new rate!
So are you spooked? Are interest rates scaring you? Did you feel like your future home is ghosting you? Is the market feeling a bit scary? True Story Realty is here to take away the fear factor! We’ll hold your hand and walk through what could appear to be a haunted house, but who knows!? Maybe it will be your dream home!
Waiting to find your “creampuff” may take a long time if your plan is to wait for the interest rates to drop before starting the search, but you don’t have to wait. When we find it for you, we want you to remember: marry your dream home, and date the rate! When the rates lower, and they always do eventually, break up with your rate when a new, younger, attractive one comes along!

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