Isidro Sr. - A True Story for September 2023

Carol Huston  |  October 4, 2023

Another True Story

Isidro Sr. - A True Story for September 2023

It is with a heavy heart that I share some devastating news. Our dear friend and trusted vendor, Isidro, the founder of Isidro's Window Washing and Carpet Cleaning, has left us far too soon. For over 16 years, he graced our lives and our listings with his magic touch, ensuring every space shone with brilliance.

Isidro's journey began over two decades ago, when he started his own company. Along the way, he welcomed his brother-in-law: Ivan, nephew: Benjamin, and his sons: Isidro Jr. and Joshua, into the business. He poured his heart and soul into every endeavor, proudly becoming a U.S. citizen just last year.

This year has brought unimaginable hardship for Isidro and his family. In April, we lost Paola, his beloved wife, to a brave battle against stage 4 Colon Cancer. Our hearts break for Isidro and his four children - Paola, Isidro Jr., Joshua, and the youngest, Jade Savannah, who is just six years old.

Isidro was more than just a vendor; he was a cherished friend and a bright light in our lives. His infectious joy and unwavering kindness touched us all. He was a devoted father, a diligent businessman, and a man of honor.

When I last spoke with Isidro, we shared laughter and plans for upcoming listings. The news of his sudden passing hit me like a tidal wave of sorrow. I can still hear Isidro Jr.'s voice, conveying the tragic accident that took his father from us.
Isidro Jr. has bravely stepped up to carry on his father's legacy, with the support of his uncle, cousin, and younger brother. Their dedication is a testament to the values Isidro instilled in them.
Isidro's spirit lives on in the memories we hold dear. I remember him fearlessly perched on ladders, three stories high, washing windows. He once transformed seemingly gray tiles into a dazzling ivory, leaving us in fits of laughter.
Beyond his work, Isidro had a passion for horses and the art of dance. I envision him now, reunited with Paola, twirling amidst a field of dancing horses.
In honor of our dear friend, let us continue to support one another, just as Isidro always did. Let his legacy remind us to approach each day with vigor and kindness.

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