September 2022 Update for True Story Realty

Carol Huston  |  September 30, 2022

September 2022 Update for True Story Realty
Back in September, we gave an update on how our new company, True Story Realty, is doing since we launched in April! We had just hit our 6-month mark and were excited to report that we sold a lot of wonderful homes and helped our happy clients begin the next chapter in their True Story.
Partnering with SIDE Inc. under the umbrella of their brokerage has opened doors for True Story Realty with the technology, services they provide, and our very own assigned team of professionals that are specific to True Story Realty. It has already had a big impact in the growth of our business in an exciting new way! I launched with 3 Realtor associates (Savannah Moon Pollock, Sarah Purdum, and Matt Hayes) on our team and added another (Harvey Singh) in August. Back in April, we added Darienne Ruiz as a full-time EA and Client Care Coordinator for our agents. She has been such a Godsend to us (as she types this right now!).
Starting a new company has not been without its challenges. The day after we launched and moved into our new offices, my daughter was launched off a horse and broke her pelvis in 3 places and broke her right arm! We immediately moved her into a hospital bed in our living room and moved our 2 grandchildren upstairs. Despite the sudden shift, my husband, Jerry Watts and I made the best of the situation and were able to care for them in so many ways over the next 4 months. The silver lining was the quality time we got with all of them and becoming closer throughout all the changes we were all going through. On some occasions my grandkids got to be our “coworkers” for the day during their summer vacation at our True Story Realty office in North Hollywood. Having been an actor, we would say “the show must go on!” and so it did. Thanks to my great team at True Story Realty for their patience, understanding, and support we were able to continue growing our business. I am happy to report my daughter and grandkids moved back into their home and she is completely healed of all the breaks!
By August 2022, almost every member of my team and my family finally succumbed to COVID one after another! As my grandson said, “We had such a good run for almost 3 years!” Thankfully, the month of August in the real estate business, seems to slow a bit so the timing worked out and allowed us all time to rest, heal, and recharge.
One of our many values as a company, is that our good health needs to take priority. As a team we all jump in when and where we are needed – in sickness and in health. This has been the season we have learned these values. I’m so grateful that we are all aligned. My team and I work to best support each other, friends and family, and of course, our happy clients: True Story!

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