The CO$T of waiting to sell your home!

Carol Huston  |  September 20, 2023

Interest Rates

The CO$T of waiting to sell your home!

Seizing the Moment: The Current Real Estate Market and Interest Rates in Southern California


Welcome to True Story Realty, your trusted partner in navigating the dynamic Los Angeles real estate market. As we enter the exciting but uncertain times of today's property landscape, we want to shed light on a critical aspect influencing homebuyers' decisions: INTEREST RATES. While it's true that interest rates have recently stabilized within a semi-average range, we find that many potential buyers are postponing their dream of homeownership, anticipating further drops in rates. In this blog post, we will explore why this strategy might not be as wise as it appears, and how delaying the purchase can lead to higher costs in the long run.

The Current Real Estate Market:

Southern California's real estate market has always been a captivating mix of opportunity and challenge. Over the years, it has experienced its fair share of ups and downs, but the resilience of the region's property sector continues to attract hopeful homebuyers. As we stand at this juncture, the market has entered a phase of relative stability, with interest rates projected to soon return to a semi-average range.

Interest Rates: The Temptation to Wait:

Interest rates have a substantial impact on the overall affordability of homeownership. When rates are lower, potential buyers often find themselves drawn to the prospect of securing a mortgage at a cheaper cost. However, the current landscape seems to have induced a hesitancy among some buyers. With rates seemingly steady, but not at their lowest, many are expecting further drops before making their move. This expectation leads them to delay their home-buying plans.

The Cost of Delay:

While waiting for interest rates to drop might seem like a prudent strategy, it can inadvertently lead to higher costs for potential homebuyers. Let's take a closer look at how different timeframes for postponement can impact your finances:

  1. 3 Months: A delay of three months might not seem like much, but it can translate into a missed opportunity. In a competitive market, prices can experience an upward trend, outpacing any potential savings from a marginal decrease in interest rates.

  2. 6 Months: Half a year's delay might lead to increased financial pressure. Escalating prices coupled with unchanged interest rates can compromise your purchasing power, forcing you to settle for a less desirable property or location.

  3. 1 Year: Waiting for a year can have substantial financial consequences. The potential appreciation in property value over this period might overshadow any savings from a lower interest rate.

  4. 2 Years: A two-year wait can significantly impact your long-term financial goals. Rising prices and potential hikes in interest rates can lead to considerably higher monthly mortgage payments, altering your budget and financial stability.

The Power of Opportunity:

In the ever-evolving real estate market, timing is a critical factor. While waiting for the "perfect moment" might be enticing, it is essential to recognize the power of opportunity that exists in the present. With interest rates at a semi-average range, buyers still have an advantage compared to historically high rates. Locking in a mortgage now can provide a sense of security against any future rate fluctuations.

Consult with True Story Realty:

At True Story Realty, we understand that the decision to buy a home is significant and can be influenced by a myriad of factors. Our team of experienced real estate agents is here to guide you through the process and help you make informed choices. We will work with you to analyze your financial situation, explore the current market, and find the best opportunities available to suit your needs.


As the Southern California real estate market continues to thrive, interest rates have returned to a semi-average range. Despite the temptation to wait for further rate drops, potential homebuyers should be cautious about postponing their plans. A delay of even a few months can lead to increased costs in the long run due to the potential appreciation of property values and the risk of higher interest rates.

At True Story Realty, we believe in empowering our clients to make informed decisions about their future. Seize the moment, take advantage of the current stability, and let us help you find the perfect home that aligns with your dreams and financial goals. The time to embark on your homeownership journey is now. Contact True Story Realty today, and let's make your real estate aspirations a reality.

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