True Story of the Month from Our Founder

Carol Huston  |  September 1, 2023

Another True Story

True Story of the Month from Our Founder
Greetings to our cherished readers of our True Story Realty blog,
As the sun sets on another glorious summer and we prepare to welcome the crisp embrace of fall, I find myself reminiscing about those days when the end of summer brought a rollercoaster of emotions, especially for a fifth-grader with dreams as big as the Illinois sky
Allow me to transport you back in time to my days at High Ridge Knolls School in Des Plaines, Illinois– a time when Labor Day weekend marked the transition from endless summer freedom to the world of textbooks and classrooms. To be honest, I was no fan of this transition. The notion of bidding farewell to carefree days of running in a sprinkler and nights of chasing fireflies and having to welcome the routine of school was a bitter pill to swallow. I cherished my summer days, and the thought of that freedom slipping away was a tough one to digest.
But in fifth grade, something magical happened! I was given the honor of becoming a patrol guard, responsible for guiding fellow students safely across the streets surrounding our school. For a ten-year-old, this was nothing short of monumental. Picture this: me, wearing a special crossing guard vest over my coat, I felt like a superhero, equipped to ensure my classmates' safety.
On my very first day as a patrol guard, destiny decided to weave its tapestry. A young boy, confused and disoriented, approached me. He held out his lunchbox, containing his address, and asked if I could help him find his way home. Awww poor guy! My heart swelled with empathy as he explained that he couldn't find his big brother after school. It was his first day, and he was lost in an unfamiliar landscape.
Even though I knew I was meant to stay at my post, a greater calling tugged at my conscience. It was a small act of kindness, a detour from my designated duty, but it marked the beginning of something profound. With compassion as my guide, I walked with that young boy, navigating the streets and leading him safely to his home. Little did I know, this moment would spark a lifelong passion for guiding others on their journeys to find their way home.
From that day forward, the sentiment that "we are all just walking each other home," as Ram Dass so eloquently put it, became ingrained in my heart. As a fifth-grader, I was walking a young boy to his house. Now, as a professional in the realm of real estate, I find myself guiding people to their homes – not just the physical structures, but the places where their hearts feel a sense of belonging.
The joy I found as a 10-year-old patrol guard, helping someone find their way, has stayed with me throughout the years. And today, at True Story Realty, I'm dedicated to ensuring that your journey home is one filled with comfort, excitement, and possibility. Just as that little boy's trust touched my heart, I'm honored every time a client places their trust in me to help them find their perfect haven.
As we transition into fall, let's remember that life is a series of journeys, and we're all here to guide and support each other along the way. May your autumn days be filled with warmth, laughter, and the comfort of knowing that True Story Realty is here to guide you home.
With heartfelt gratitude,
Carol Huston

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